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  • we are pleased to announce you about new and important Collections for this season A/W 2016. Available at all the best bed-linen boutique
  • For spring nights, Somma has created a collection of light weight blankets with sophisticated style and unique softness...

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  • The new MAISON DE VACANCES collection, made of linen and percale is addressed , as usual , to a sophisticated and demanding consumer . This is a fresh and modern collection , Somma style is for...

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Bedding sets collections sale, italian quality

The bedding sets collections for the sale at the Somma stores are characterized by a careful selection of valuable materials and the Italians know-how. Our commitment in the manufacturing sector comes from the passion for a continuous research of superb textiles and, at the same time, for the experimentation of new creation process, to produce the innovative assortments that are the answer of a lucky meeting between the art and the production ability. Our bed linens sets, are distinguished by a first choice fabrics and techniques that are the result of a century-old experience. The packaging and the subsequent bedding sale constantly follows an accurate study and the verification of the requisites, an essential condition to realize an excellent product, that is in line with the name of our brand. The preciousness of the bedding collections is identified by sophistication and creativity, in compliance with the tradition but with a contemporary expression. The bedding collections has a wide assortment of soft bedspreads, quilts, blanket with precious wool, bed sheets and duvet covers, generated by cleans and unique fibers, processed with incomparable textures, performed with nuances, always original and trendy.